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on the brand

Handmade temporary jewelry design. The collection is characterized by a boho style, with a combination of gems and small metal beads, in a delicate layered look that can blend wonderfully with any piece of jewelry you wear.

The combination between the classics and the cleanliness and the present colors and sometimes the roughness, is what inspires me and allows me to design for you the jewelry that will make your every performance jump.

In the collection you can find necklaces with integrated gems, layered necklaces, bracelets for the hand and foot, earrings and men's jewelry made of 925 silver, stainless steel and silver oxide coating.

You can also book workshops for personal jewelry design. This way we can meet face to face and experience together the joy of creation

A little about me

Already in the 7th grade Hadassah tests, the trend was clear. The examiner gently said that a mathematical genius is less important. But good hands, flight and the ability to think a little differently and create is completely me.

I always sat in the back, busy with my own business. Scribbles, illustrates or invents fonts in English. I even put myself through a tough training session to write with my left hand just because it seems cool to me to be left-handed too.

I have always created, I have always been involved with clay. And I had several stops along the way (cinema studies, event design business and interior design studies). Even today when I design jewelry, I enjoy touching different fields such as writing, illustration, graphics and photography.

Also in the jewelry sector I went through several stations and from time to time I moved in terms of design and progressed to my place, right at that point.

I see my jewelry as minimalist and soft jewelry with a slightly rough twist. Sometimes bohemian with a touch of a little boldness.

Today more than ever I feel connected to my creative work. On the one hand, I like to combine elements, materials and colors. On the other hand, at the same time, the jewelry maintains a certain restraint in my eyes. The starting point for me is that there is no clear legality, there is no single truth. But even in the absence of legality I will strive for order and peace.

I don't believe in trends and think that our personal statement is in the small details, regardless of the dictated fashion

Hates summer, avoids jams with all my might and loves pineapple, watermelon and lychee. My first cat was named Arthur and he jumped out of the window.

..and of course, I did 3 math units