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Ayala | Mix chains, shades and elements

Sale price320.00 ₪

Ayala - layered necklace in a delicate punk style

The Ayala necklace was designed for each of us  who feels that a feminine and gentle rock star is hiding inside her.

The chain consists of three layers that correspond to each other in a harmonious way:

Short chain - gourmet silver with a refined matte finish

Medium chain - a braided chain in a silver tone, combined with two delicate charms pendants: a coin pendant + a rectangular disk with rounded edges

Long chain - a rounded silver snake chain combined with a rectangular pendant in a matte black finish

The necklace is suitable for any look, both day and evening, both basic and when you want to rock a performance and leave behind a trail of presence.

More info:

The length of the short chain -  About 38 cm

The length of the medium chain - about 45 cm including pendants

The length of the long chain - about 55 cm including pendant

* The chain comes with an extension option.

* You can also order in a gold tone (by personal request)/ (link to the relevant page)

Ayala | Mix chains, shades and elements
Ayala | Mix chains, shades and elements Sale price320.00 ₪